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Whan Liam think about silverfishes in minecraft? (P.S:You have such a nice style! Like how you draw legs :3)


Liam: “What’s a…”Silverfish?” A fish made of silver?”

Age Counter 5/10

"Where did the green markings come from? Is it a tribal thing?"


Liam: “What? Can’t a guy paint himself green without getting questioned? Nah, just kidding! They’re kind of like slime tribal markings. To show which Family of slimes I belong to!”

Age Count: 4/10

Endilene waves to Liam and smiled widely. "Hello there! Hows life in your swamp?"

Liam: *waves back* Mmmm, pretty good actually! It’s been a while since I’ve answered an ask though…*scowls at Mod*

Age Count: 3/10


Fluffy- been some time~ watcha' been up to?~


Liam: Oh, hey! *struggles to keep wooden planks in place* I’ve been trying to build a house actually!

Age Count: 2/10

Can you pop your feet up and show them?


Liam: pop?

Age Count: 1/10

Someone has left a pie


Liam: ……Thfank fyou?

Mod: Geez Liam, just because you’re 16 now doesn’t mean you have to be such a pig!

Age Count: 10/10- Turning 16!

*kiss you* because you are too sexy little pearless <3


Liam: Don’t touch me you pervert, I don’t even know you! *growls*

Mod: Srsl dude, he’s only 15… Also, I don’t know if you already knew this, most likely you do, but this is the mod from Red’s blog too…please stop.

Age Count: 9/10.

Why do you live in a swamp?

Liam: Why don’t you live in one? No really, it’s because my slime Family lives here!

Age Count: 8/10image

Hello there :3

imageLiam: Hey there~

Age Count: 7/10

Fluffy- you're so cuute!! *hugs liam* I want to adopt you!

imageLiam: *grunts* I’m not cute *grumble, grumble*….wait…did you say…”adopt”?

Mod: Liam has a bad experince with that Word, you’ll see why.

Age Count: 6/10

Hello Liam, I hope you don't mind me asking but, where abouts' do you live?

Age Count: 5/10image

Eind & Crypt : *teleported by accident in the swamp and discovered #47 on the ground* *poke #47* :D

image47: N-no! please don’t touch me! *shivers*

Fluffy- why are you so fabulous?

imageAge Count: 4/10

how do endermen cry if water hurts them?

Liam: Like this.

Mod: Headcanon time! When endermen cries, they cry their own blood, and Thus getting emotionally can be pretty dangerous for them.  It will hurt them physically. 

Age Count: 3/10image